Roza Gabrielyan, 82 is from Askeran, one of the most affected people in the armed conflict situation:

It was the early morning of the 27th of September when we suddenly heard loud voices of shooting and bombing. It was hard to imagine what’s going on. But it continued. Every person had to run to their houses to find an underground hiding place. When the shelling ceased we went out, but it kept repeating. We spent the night dreadfully in fear. Early in the morning families with little children gathered the first required items and moved from our households in small groups, leaving our men behind. Although we could skip all shots on our way, the road took five extra hours than usual. I have Diabetes, it was hard for me to move but my granddaughter refused to leave without me. She took me to a place where we now live with 12 other people, eight children, and four adults. Thank God for compassionate people who freely offer their houses for us to stay at a safer place. While we managed to grab the first required items, soon we will run out of recourses. Our men, who are our family providers are now defending the lives of the peaceful population. Those who left their houses have various needs. I need to get my medication. The weather is changing and a couple of clothing we managed to get with us will not be useful anymore. Our little ones left schools and kindergartens. Children are deprived of education. All we need is peace, but while the war goes on, we have to keep our children away from this nightmare”.