You are Building healthy community

Health is an essential factor for a quality life, yet often it is referred only too late. As a matter of prime concern, ADRA cares for the well-being of the community members for whom it serves. While in Armenian context health is usually associated with hospitals and medication the proof of which is the sad picture of health statistics of Armenia, ADRA brings a new, a natural vision about health. We help people to make simple lifestyle changes habits that will result in positive changes. This approach helps to prevent the diseases before they appear. Want to have a healthy nation? Start from prevention! Support ADRA to reduce and prevent diseases among Armenian nation, make an impact, change their health statistics…

Did you know?

Our health can be affected by almost all aspects of our lives.
Here are just some of the ways that you’re helping to build healthier lives for those we serve:
– Improving access to safe water sources
– Providing hygiene and sanitation solutions
– Helping families access nourishing food
Raising awareness of healthy lifestyle and health in general
Training community health workers and organizing health expos
– Psychosocial support